Heka Leka Team In Netherlands

Tanggal Terbit: 29 June 2019 Penulis: Media Hekaleka Kategori: Pendidikan

Maluku, is known as one of the most beautiful provinces in the eastern part of Indonesia. However with its 1420 islands, there is a big challenge to develop this province. Lack of education, poverty and limited human resources are the major factors that hinder the development in Maluku.

As Education is one of the main powers to develop a nation, we realize that to become better, Moluccans need to work hard and smart. Collaboration and networking has also been the main key for development. Therefore, to accelerate the development in Maluku, since 2017, Heka Leka has tried to build network in Netherland.

Now, with the full support from Ambassador of Indonesia for Netherlands and also Heka Leka team in Netherlands, a seminar about Education in Maluku will be conducted there.
To get the portrait of Education in Maluku and get some insights about what you can do for Maluku, let’s meet our speakers!
Mrs.Mary Tupan-Wenno, ECHO Director (Expertise Centre for Diversity Policy),
Mr. Fahmi Sallatalohy (Head of Education and Culture Department of Ambon City),
Mrs. E. Laturiuw (Principal of SMAS Kristen YPKPM Ambon)
Stanley Ferdinandus (Founder of Heka Leka)
Mega M. Pattiasina (Program Manager of Heka Leka).

This seminar will be held on:
10.30 -18.00 in Indonesian Embassy,
Tobias Asserlaan 8,The Hague.

This seminar is open for everyone. So, come and join us. We invite you to learn more about Maluku and discuss what we can do for developing these islands.
Visit gerakanmalukucerdas.rsvpify.com to confirm your attendance.

Together we can build Maluku better.

Salam Maluku Cerdas