Heka Leka : Voor Beter Onderwijs Op De Molukken

Tanggal Terbit: 19 July 2019 Penulis: Media Hekaleka Kategori: Pendidikan

Finally on the 4th of July, Heka Leka got a chance to visit Het Kompas, school in Assen who work together with working group Heka Leka for the program of Heka Leka : Voor Beter Onderwijs Op De Molukken.

On this visit, we come with the delegation from Indonesian Embassy led by Ibu Anna Bahar, The head of education and culture department of Ambon and the Head of SMA Kristen YPKPM Ambon and are warmly welcomed by Ellen Sonneman, the director of Het Kompas.

During this visit, Ellen explains a lot about the vision and system runs in Het Kompas and also show the learning process there. We got some opportunities to interact with the children and express our gratitude for the children who do the running for fundraising project to support education in Maluku through Heka Leka.
Many of them are able to learn lot about Mollucans culture during the activities. or two weFeks, working group Heka Leka collaborate with Het Kompas Schools to introduce the culture of Maluku to the students in Het Kompas. There are many creative class made by Working Group Heka Leka such as Tifa &Totobuang class, Sahureka-reka class, Cooking class, etc.

In this school with students from more than 30 nationalities, it is really beautiful that they can learn about others culture and show their respect toward others.
Thank you for having us and all the support for children in Maluku.
Together for a better education in Maluku.

Salam Maluku Cerdas.