Hekaleka Programs

Study Group

This program aims to open learning access for children who are living in the Neighborhood and are held twice a week. Through this Study Group, children are encouraged to learn many things about value, character and culture, have positive support from families and the environment, shape their mindset, build up their characters and improve their skills. It is also a media to increase the community-awareness toward education and involve the community to participate actively in education project. In each Study Group, Heka Leka provides a library or reading corner for children. Moreover, Heka Leka also organizes additional activities to equip children, parents and Malessy (volunteers) of study groups such as fellowship, celebration, capacity-building training, share camp and school in the cloud.

Goes To School

Goes to School is a program held in order to empower and improve capacity and competence of educators, administrative staffs and students in schools through seminars, workshops, as well as various cooperation programs with Heka Leka' partners. It is held three times in a month.

Mission Trip

Mission Trip is a program that focuses on improving the quality of the teachers and students as well empowering local community in Maluku islands. Geographical barriers, such as separating by the sea and limited sea public transportation make the access of information running so slow and also give the same impact for quality of the education in each island. Thus, through mission trip we try to bridge this gap by visiting them in each island,facilitating the teachers and students to a workshop and training,and inspiring the local people to involve and work for theimprovement for their community and environment.

Maluku Education Festival

Over two to five days Education Festival brings together the educators, practitioner of change,policy maker, communities and students in one leading forum for of Maluku Cerdas. This festival provides the festival goers ( teachers, students, youth people) with influential and inspirational speakers, workshops, various activities, unrivaled networking opportunities and, most importantly, fun! Since 2015, Heka Leka has held Education Festivals in Ambon, Saparua, Banda, Kei and Kisar collaborating with many local communities, local people, even government. It has become a media to campaign about the importance of education and involve the people to contribute in educational projects.

Maluku Reading Movement

This movement is aimed at encouraging children and communities’ interest in reading and improving their reading literacy through provision of reading access by building libraries or reading corners in various regions in Maluku. Through this movement, the books are collected, from all people in Indonesia and other countries, and distributed to various regions in Maluku, especially to remote islands and villages which lacks of education facilities such as schools and libraries.

Early Child Education and Development Project

Early Child Education and Development Project is an inspiring project in early childhood care and education which involves actions to develop and improve the quality of the pre-school and kindergarten teachers and students. As Early Childhood Education has now been recognized as the most important need in the current scenario world over, there is a need to have a qualified educators in the field of preschool. Moreover, it also becomes the media to educate the parents to be more concerned in children education, as we also involve the parents in this project.

SIWALIMA Community Learning Cycle

Siwalima Community Learning Cycle is Heka leka program focusing on community development.. Heka Leka believes that the power to change and become better cannot come from outside but the community itself. People even in the village are actually capable to be empowered and overcome various problems in their area. Outsiders only become second parties to support this development process. Therefore, based on the value of Siwalima which become the identity of people in Maluku, Heka Leka cooperates with every partner to develop various villages in Maluku. The process of inspiring the local community, finding the local champion and empowering them are part of this program. The Local Champion will be agents of change within the community who together with their community will conduct various social actions for developing their area, especially in education.

Collaboration Programs

It is an open -space for all people, communities, institutions,organization who has the same passion to be involved, share and contribute for education in Maluku.

  • Sekolah Di Awan

    School in the Cloud is a program initiated by SugataMitra, a Professor of Educational Technology at the School of Education, Communication and Language Sciences at Newcastle University,England. Through this program, children are supported to study independently using the available technology. They will be given a "Big Question" question. Any answers or instructions to answer these questions can be searched by using a laptop/computer that is connected to the internet network. Children can talk about their findings and discussing them between friends or groups.These findings will be shared with fellow friends and facilitators. In doing School in the Cloudprogram,HekaLeka is supported by RamyaPrajna and Think web, one of HekaLeka partners who has been faithfully collaborated with HekaLeka in improving education in Maluku for these past few years.

  • Active Citizen

    Active Citizen is a social leadership training program that promotes intercultural dialogue and community-led social development held by British Council. HekaLeka has been working together as local partner to hold this event in Maluku.

  • Mari Berbagi Seni

    Mari BerbagiSeni is a joint program organized by GanaraArt Studio and HekaLeka to introduce art as a teaching media for pre-school and kindergarten students

  • Olimpiade Sains Kuark

    Kuark Science Olimpiade is a collaborative program with PT. SainsKuark International to improve the elementary students science literacy. It is held once a year and has become one of our annual events in Maluku.

  • Mari Mendongeng

    Mari Mendongeng is a joint program with Ayo Dongeng Indonesia Community to provide the learning forum for the teachers about creative teaching.

  • Jagoan Finansial

    JagoanFinansial is a program to develop the teachers and students' financial literacy through workshop and school projects. It is organized by Quamma Project.

  • Video Pembelajaran Ini Budi

    Inibudi is a digital education initiative to help Indonesian students in elementary, secondary, and high school. As a local partner, HekaLeka helps to distribute the educational learning videos to the school in Maluku and also encourages the teachers, students and local people to get involved in producing their learning material that can be shared nationally.