Become a Malessy

Support us by becoming MALESSY

All the children in Maluku need your concern and love. Let's hand in hand with us, creating a Better future for them.

"Heka Leka" invites you, the best generation of this nation to participate in building Maluku Cerdas (excellent Maluku).

Let's be Malessy by providing 2 hours of your daily week time!

"2 Hours For a Better Maluku"

How Can You Participate?

Are you young generation of Maluku? Heka Leka invites you to be a MALESSY with the following requirements:

  • Well- Educated (High School Graduation minimum)
  • Promote social awareness, uphold the spirit PELA-GANDONG and devotion.
  • Have enthusiasm and passion in education.
  • Have willingness to learn and share through Heka Leka's activities.
  • Have an interesting and useful non-academic hobby or skill.
  • Healthy physically and mentally.

Meet the above requirements?

What are you waiting for? Let's Join Us!

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